mainland day 4
  Relax and Lose Weight Want to get healthy and lose weight? Then relax. It’s true. Relaxing is good for you, and what better day to brush up on relaxation facts than on Relaxation Day! August 15th is a relaxation holiday. So relax and read on for tips! The role […]

Relax and Lose Weight

mainland foundation
Where do I start in CrossFit? Where do I start in CrossFit? At CrossFit Tidal Wave as well as Mainland CrossFit I get many phone calls and emails from people of all levels and backgrounds. After the initial conversation the question is always “How do I get started?”. I decided […]

Where do I start?

mainland kte
IMPORTANT PRICING ANNOUNCEMENT CrossFit Tidal Wave is nearing its fourth year in business and our sister location, Mainland CrossFit, is now in its third year. We’ve moved from our little 2000 sq. ft. facility with an angry little old lady upstairs to T-dub 3.0, our massive new 10k sq. ft. facility. Over […]