What brought you to Mainland CrossFit? Having developed a plan that was mostly running, I wanted to find like-minded people that could drive me to the next level. What made you stay?I found what I was looking for – good people and a fun, but challenging environment. How long have […]

Member Spotlight: Chris Graham

What brought you to Mainland CrossFit?Change. I needed routine in my life as well as keeping my body in shape. What made you stay?Pam. She continues to push me harder then I would ever push myself. I enjoy the schedule and work outs. How long have you been with Mainland […]

Member Spotlight: Daniel Prestwood

Hello Everyone, I’m back another year to welcome you to another exciting year of the CrossFit Open! You’ve heard the coaches talk about it, maybe heard members tell stories of years past, or what this “Castro” guy will do this year. Or maybe you haven’t heard anything and this is […]

What’s The CrossFit Open?