18.1 is in the Books!!

Mainland Crossfit Squad!! Cousin Eli has made his way to the Mainland Blog Site! So I will be covering the 2018 Open Season, but with a bit of a twist. 18.1 will be about my experience and the following weeks I will be reaching out to YOU guys and following you during the week leading up, mid-workout, and post! So back to 18.1 which is shown below. 17.1 I did RX so I knew there was no way I was doing 18.1 Scaled. I also knew where I would struggle but figured we all struggle so I’m down to battle! Thursday night we had the Open Release Party which is also when Nick decided he would do the workout as well. With everyone watching and myself as his Judge it was game on! Twenty minutes later Nick was on the floor with a score of 336 and it did not look fun at all. It was obvious with this being a 20 minute workout pacing was HUGE and to not burnout ten minutes into the workout. After speaking with some of the members I decided to do the workout Friday afternoon with them.

Now I LOVE long workouts but I HATE rowing and single-arm DB work so I had a pretty good feeling this would be HELL. As the afternoon appraoched I tried to get focused and warmed up but with more people coming then expected to do the workout my time got pushed back and I would be doing the workout with a different crew. I asked my old teammate Kerrie to be my judge as this was also her first time to ever judge in the open I felt I would be a safe choice! We went over the standards, grips on, chalked up, and 3-2-1-GO! My plan was to split the TTB 4 and 4 and right off the bat I did 8 unbroken, CRAP! Well I already screwed up my plan, onto the DB which felt heavy as expected, then to the rower where I proceeded to go too fast on.

Embracing the SUCK

When I felt I was nearing the end of the workout I looked up to the clock to read 10:34. It only got worse from there… My grip started to fail me, I was still able to keep 4-4 on TTB but the DB was eating me for lunch, and my row times were decreasing with each pull I had.

I remember that rep and it sucked.

I was closing in on the last few minutes of the workout and now everything sucked, I was pissed at myself for not sticking to my gameplan, gassing out to early, and my performance as a whole. I finished with a total of 230 reps and dead on the ground. Twenty minutes of work and 18.1 was complete, I was frustrated at myself but I was proud I NEVER quit. The Open is sure to display any weaknesses in your game and just like 17.1, 18.1 did the same. I wasn’t able to re-do the workout and shoot for a better score which left me very motivated for 18.2! It’s a long season and I’m excited to see what Castro has in store for everyone! I’m also excited to announce that Jeff Huddleston will be our featured athlete for 18.2! Wish him luck this week and check back in next Tuesday to see how he did! Happy Open Season!!