18.2 “Well I’m doing that AGAIN.”

18.2 is in the books and just like 18.1 it was a humbling experience not just for me but for my buddy Jeff Huddleston aka Red. This story begins Thursday night once Castro released the WOD which is listed to the left. Shortly after Jeff texted me with the confidence of a T-Rex hunting Jeep Wranglers in the woods saying “18.2 RX all the way buddy. Let’s DANCE!!!” Which I replied with a proud Hell Ya! He was planning on coming in at 6pm but sure enough he was here at 4:30pm looking a bit groggy but reassured me he was excited and ready to go! His goal was to finish the squats and burpee ladder in 9 minutes and get close to his clean max of 135lbs. After a long warm-up and Pamela Kramer as his judge it was time to throwdown! The first two rounds went well but the DB’s just never felt right on top.

As the rounds progressed the squats got slower, the DB’s got heavier, and burpees just sucked. As I watched Jeff battle I could see the hope of him reaching the clean deminish right in front of him and he knew it. Jeff had the attitude of no guts no glory, he wanted to see how RX would feel and hang with the big boys as he called it. I think he got his fair share. With the twelve minutes elapsed Jeff had finished with 97 reps, 13 reps short of advancing to the clean.  

That night he texted me “So that sucked. Cardio was off. Dumbbells might as well have been 20’s for all the good it would have done me. Im angry at myself. I got into my head. I don’t usually like to hang out in empty spaces, but thats what I did. I’m taking a mulligan and doing 18.2 again on Sunday and will complete 110 reps if it is short dicks every hillbilly in Hoboken.”

Which brings us to Sunday just a day before the deadline Jeff was ready to enter the dark place again. With a very strong mindset, a gameplan, and drive he laced up his shoes and with Pam as his judge once again the scene was set! 3, 2, 1, Go!! and he was off. Pacing in mind, staying focused, and steadily moving he marched through the first few rounds smoothly. It wasn’t until the later rounds where fatigue started to set in and where the PUSH to keep moving really hit hard. Rounds seven, eight, nine started to hurt but he still had time! Round ten came with time getting close to the cutoff it was gut check time! Then the squats were done and time still left. 1 burpee, 2 burpees, 3 burpees, soon 9 burpees, and 10! 110 reps complete with 10 seconds remaining on the clock and 105lbs on the bar with Kerrie in the background screaming “PICK UP THE BAR!!” He did and hit the clean just before time elapsed!

After two attempts Jeff accomplished what he set out to do, he went to the dark place, and climbed the mountain. The Open is a humbling experience but can come with some great reward. Jeff stepped up, took himself out of his comfort zone and became stronger because of it! I’m proud of your progress buddy and keep grinding!! 18.3 COMING SOON!!