18.4… Wrecked ME!!

Hey Everyone!! It’s Monday the 19th, which is the last day to submit your scores for 18.4!! I’m coming to you guys from a guest bedroom in McKinney, Texas laying down on very colorful twin bed. 

Why am I laying down in a guest bedroom with a colorful quilt you ask? Well here we go!!

Friday morning at 5:08am I get a call from none other then Nick, one of the other trainers at the gym. I immediately assume he’s calling me to tell me he will be late or if I can bring him some coffee. He asks “Uh.. where are you?” I quickly realize I was the one late and I rush to my bathroom to get ready, grab my bags, and rush out the door. Fifteen minutes later I arrive and coach until 8:30am. My plan was to head to OKC that weekend and enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and also do 18.4 at CrossFit Homebase Central.

That umbrella was CLUTCH

I was finally excited for an open workout! It had a movement I loved: HSPU, and a movement I’ve developed strength in: Deadlifts. I fuel up and hit the road! Traffic was light and I was cruising at a steady 75mph almost the whole way. I’m making great time and jamming out to Dirty Heads Radio when all of a sudden I hear a pop! I feel myself lose control of the vehicle, I was in the right lane not trying to impede. On the left side was a cinderblock wall, and on the right was grass and a deep ditch. I fought to keep my truck going towards the ditch feeling as if no matter what I did I wasn’t in control. Reaching the grass I could see what was soon to be in front of me. Saying to myself “Oh Shit, Oh Shit, Oh Shit!” Then changing it to “Ride it out Eli, Ride it out! “Don’t close your eyes!” I hit the ditch, flipped the truck, and was sitting upside down still buckled to my seatbelt.

As I’m hanging upside down blood is dripping everywhere and I can hear voices coming from the distance. I hear them yell “Are you alive? Can you hear me? Hello??”
I quickly responded “YES!!” as loudly as I could! One gentlemen yelled “Can you get out?” No, I’m stuck can you help me? I replied. Just as I said that I realized I was still buckled in. I clicked the button on my seatbelt and fell to the top which is now the bottom of the truck. Soon another gentlemen chimed in “There is something leaking you need to turn the truck off!” I panicked to find the key trying to turn it off. “Is it off? Is it off?” I screamed. Just get me out of here I yelled! Soon they told me to cover my face and they would break the window. With a hard smack from a tire iron the glass shattered everywhere, and I shimmied my way out as fast as possible. As soon as I was out of the truck I was met by the two voices that helped me escape. They were calm and immediately laid me down. With blood still dripping down my face they grabbed a towel and began clotting the blood. 

One gentlemen began checking for any other signs of injury then beginning concussion protocol. How old are? 26 I replied. Where are you? Almost to Dallas. What time is it? I instantly looked at my watch? 11:47am I replied. With an annoyed look on his face I could tell he was frustrated I cheated. He then introduced himself and told me that he was an off duty paramedic and that the ambulance would soon be on their way.

I’m still on the ground at this point

Realizing the moment I was in I began asking for my phone. Only to be reassured I didn’t need it and they would grab it soon. After I annoyed them a couple more times another first responder grabbed my phone through the truck. I asked politely “would you mind taking photos of this please?” They both responded in unison “NO.” Right as they said that a woman came up asking if we needed any help. I shouted “MA’AM! would you mind taking photos for me?” I could see the two gentlemen who helped me roll their eyes. I need it for my blog I shouted! They gave her my phone and she asked what I wanted. By this time the ambulance had arrived and I asked to get a picture of the two men who first got me out. They said no and I said yes a few times each until they finally gave in just as I was getting put onto the backboard.

I may never know their names but I am greatly appreciative to both of these men.
On to the ambulance I go! The EMT’s who picked me up were very professional and all business. Lots of yes sir, no sir type answers. I could tell very quickly they were not the type to tell stories like the previous bunch. I also understand they have a job to do so I asked if I could call my family and one of them said “Yes.” So going through my list I decided to call my dad. I knew Kayla was at work, mom was sick, brother was busy, and Savanah rarely picks up so there was my dad. He picked up on the second ring. I was brief “Dad, I was in a wreck and.. my dad immediately interrupted “YOU WHAT?!?” “I was in a wreck. I’m ok and in the ambulance to Navarro Regional Hospital.” My dad still sounded confused. “I need you to call everyone and let them know I’m ok.” He said ok and hung up. I asked the EMT some background information about the hospital that he didn’t really care to talk about so after a minute or two I just laid there strapped to backboard in silence. 

I decided to take a couple selfies while the time passed. We arrived at the hospital ten minutes later, transported into a room where a nurse began cleaning me of blood and a ton of glass I had stuck in my arms and head.

That piece of glass was in my eye for 4 hours



They cut my awesome threads and I rocked a gown when the doctor came in and got me ready for x-rays. Shortly after I was in and out then returned where the nurse gave my tetanus shot, doctor gave me a couple staples in my head, some scripts, and I was out the door. Yesi, my cousin was in route but still about thirty minutes away. The adrenaline started to fade and the pain was seeping in. Everything from the waste up just flat out HURT.


I was in pain, alone, and it all began to sit in. But I was ALIVE, standing on my OWN two feet, and breathing. People told me I was lucky, someone was looking after me, but for me it was my MINDSET. Was I scared? ABSOLUTELY! But was I CONFIDENT? Hell ya I was! “Ride it out Eli”. “Don’t close your eyes, it’s not your time!” The mindset that I had told my body how I was going to respond.

Many of my friends and family have asked if I thought my fitness level had a piece in the way my body handled the crash? Maybe, probably. Others asked if I felt a spirit or a guardian angel over me? Not really, not to say there wasn’t one. What I do remember though is being confident in myself and my WILL to NEVER QUIT. I never once thought this was it, this is my time, I’m going to the light.

Everyday we battle through life if it’s our job, our relationships, or our own personal life. But everyday we get the opportunity to win! Win in a workout, win in your relationship, win at LIFE.