Athlete Spotlight: Reggie Fontenot

Athlete Spotlight: Reggie Fontenot

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Congratulations on Member of the Month Reggie!

So, what brought you to Mainland CrossFit ?

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Being out of shape and needing to incorporate physical activities back into my daily routine. I didn’t want to do the typical weights at the gym thing. Plus a wrong turn down the street helped me to discover Mainland CrossFit.

What made you stay?
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It was something that was unlike anything I was doing before. I can’t say I was looking for one specific thing but after researching, I just knew that CrossFit would help me achieve a multitude of goals whether it was getting stronger, leaner or to preserve my handsomeness!

How long have you been CrossFitting?

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Since January 2015

What are some of your goals? Have they been met?

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Just continuously trying to better myself by pushing through mental blocks into that animalistic survival drive during workouts so that I can hang with the he-man and she-ra’s at CrossFit. Also, to become a member of the “shirts off at the beach & pool” club.

Best lifts?

Deadlift 285lbs

Benefits you have noticed? Any changes to brag about?

I have more energy chasing my daughter around. I am physically prepared to adapt to a lot of situations due to strength and flexibility increases, I feel better and more energized and most importantly, my fiancé has some eye candy to look at erryday. My back squats and HSPU have both improved greatly too.

What do you do out there in the real world?

I’m a Dapper baby daddy, son, brother, honorary big/little brother to many, friend and the Data Management Coordinator at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Your favorite WOD?

Any workout honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country….even though they are tough!

Biggest CrossFit Accomplishment?

That’s the great thing about CrossFit, it is an environment that promotes you to reach BEYOND your goals. I never expected to walk in here and be able to do some of these workouts, but I do. If you put in the work, trust me, you will continue to surprise yourself and I survive to do another WOD

Anything to add?

I honestly have to say there have been very few times I’ve left the gym not feeling like I’ve improved; whether it’s something as simple as techniques or PR. That’s the great thing about CrossFit, no matter your level, you can always improve somewhere. The sense of community is beyond anything I could have imagined. Every single CrossFitter I’ve met has only been positive and encouraging. It’s almost difficult to put into words the impact the coaches and other athletes have on me. I highly recommend anyone out there who wants to change mentally and physically to join CrossFit. Don’t even think that you can’t do it, I’m living proof that you can! It doesn’t happen overnight but being persistent and dedicated, it will only get better.