Pamela Kramer

It’s that time again! Welcome to the 2016 Row Off. How does it work? Step 1: Get a partner! Step 2: Come up with a fun team name. Step 3: Get to rowing from April 1st through April 30th. Step 4: Write your distance on the board. Rules: Teams must […]

Form Your Rowing Teams Now!

Spring Session
Our youth athletic conditioning class spring session, will be lead by 2 experienced coaches that will focus on a different aspect of Athletic Development each week geared toward Football and various power based sports. Covered: Lifting Mechanics Agility Training Mobility/Stability for injury prevention The class will also cover on how […]

Youth Athletic Conditioning

The first time I had ever been exposed to Crossfit was almost 5 years ago at a UFC fan expo in Houston; they were hosting a competition and after seeing all those rippling muscles and sweaty faces I thought, “Whoa! That looks like fun!” Sure enough, 6 months later I was walking […]

CrossFit Coach Marisa Martinez