After getting bored with online bodybuilding programs, I started looking for something more athletic and challenging, something that could satisfy my competitive nature, that had been dormant since high school football. A friend of mine sent me a link to a couple of videos of the crossfit games. Seeing the […]

CrossFit Coach Elliott Crist

Nicole grew up as a Gymnast and then moved into Martial Arts as a young adult. CrossFit was a natural transition for her in her 30’s and she has spent the last seven years training and educating herself through multiple CrossFit certifications to become the best trainer she can be […]

CrossFit Coach Nicole Stahl

Pamela was first introduced to CrossFit when she was looking for a way to train for the Spartan Race back in 2010. She was instantly drawn to the idea of workouts that were constantly varied and training for the unknown. She was also interested in losing that extra “baby weight” after her […]

CrossFit Coach Pamela Kramer