CrossFit Coach Elliott Crist

CrossFit Coach Elliott Crist with Erin Elliott

 After getting bored with online bodybuilding programs, I started looking for something more athletic and challenging, something that could satisfy my competitive nature, that had been dormant since high school football. A friend of mine sent me a link to a couple of videos of the crossfit games. Seeing the pure athleticism on display peaked my interest, so I did a little research and started on my own crossfit adventure in 2013.
Having been around gyms and trainers for a long time I took to the movements, but was completely humbled by my first set of thrusters and double unders. From that point on I was hooked and have seen the best results with consistent crossfit workouts and a clean diet. Everything in my life changed for the better, it’s where I met my wife. Being married to a figure competitor our date nights include, cooking and working out.
I’m passionate about movement and mechanics and making people move better and more efficient, whether that’s carrying groceries or complex Olympic lifts. Coaching allows me to share my experiences from different gym backgrounds as well as sports and performance.