CrossFit Coach Marisa Martinez

Marisa Martinez Mainland CrossFit CoachThe first time I had ever been exposed to Crossfit was almost 5 years ago at a UFC fan expo in Houston; they were hosting a competition and after seeing all those rippling muscles and sweaty faces I thought, “Whoa! That looks like fun!” Sure enough, 6 months later I was walking into my first Crossfit box with my brother after he decided he wanted to get stronger in order to join the Army. We had always been active growing up, training and competing in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for almost 9 years each, but this “crossfit thing” was almost completely foreign to us. After my brother left for the Army I didn’t stop going, in fact I felt like I had only just begun.

Crossfit became my social life and stress relief from studying for my engineering classes at the University of Houston. Inevitably my competitive side took over and I have now competed in over 15 competitions. I never would have thought I could go from learning to do my first strict pull-up only a few years ago to earning my L-1 and teaching others how to do their first strict pull-up! I love being able to share my passion with others; my first love was piano and I had the opportunity to share my knowledge for a few years and now I am just as excited to share my knowledge and experience in my current passion, FITNESS.