CrossFit Coach Pamela Kramer

Pamela was first introduced to CrossFit when she was looking for a way to train for the Spartan Race back in 2010. She was instantly drawn to the idea of workouts that were constantly varied and training for the unknown. She was also interested in losing that extra “baby weight” after her last child was born. She had great success in changing her body composition through CrossFit and new nutrition habits.

As a parent she wanted to teach her children about functional movement after noticing differences in their posture due to heavy backpacks, sitting in desks all day and half hour classes of physical education at school. In 2014, the desire to teach them lead to obtaining certifications in CrossFit Kids and as a Level 1 trainer.

After six years of CrossFit, Pamela has a great deal of experience helping others through the use of mobility exercises. She is passionate about Olympic Lifting and is committed to a lifetime of learning how to teach others functional movement and better lifting techniques.