Member Spotlight: Chris Graham

What brought you to Mainland CrossFit?

Having developed a plan that was mostly running, I wanted to find like-minded people that could drive me to the next level.

What made you stay?
I found what I was looking for – good people and a fun, but challenging environment.

How long have you been with Mainland CrossFit?

About 1 year

What are some your goals? Have they been met?
Meet others with a passion for health – check!

Climb that damn rope – check!

I want to be able to do pull-ups (as in multiple) – soon!

Best lifts?
Deadlift – 225

Benchpress – 100

Benefits you have noticed? Any changes to brag about?
I feel better all the time, despite Pam’s best attempts.

As for changes, I have guns now!

What’s your favorite workout?

I like the holiday workouts, they challenge me

What is your biggest Mainland CrossFit accomplishment?
Honestly, it’s just feeling like I fit in – and I belong there. I wouldn’t have guessed it a year ago.

Anything to add?

I have truly enjoyed my first year, and look forward to the next. Amazing staff and fun, positive people, what’s not to like?  Looking ahead for what Pam has in store for me, and knowing that with her support I will reach that goal.

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