Member Spotlight: Daniel Prestwood

What brought you to Mainland CrossFit?
Change. I needed routine in my life as well as keeping my body in shape.

What made you stay?
Pam. She continues to push me harder then I would ever push myself. I enjoy the schedule and work outs.

How long have you been with Mainland CrossFit?
2years. I think  

What are some your goals? Have they been met?
Some of my goals have been met. Like staying in shape, but I would like to have some abs and lose these love handles 

Best lifts?
I always enjoy doing bench.

Benefits you have noticed? Any changes to brag about?
I have more energy throughout the day and I see muscle gain but nothing yet to brag about.

What do you do out there in the real world?
Stay active with working, playing recreational sports, and enjoy drinking cold beer.

What’s your favorite workout?

What is your biggest Mainland CrossFit accomplishment?
Not to sure but it’s always good when I can make it four times out the week. I feel accomplished with that happens 

Something to add is that I started working out at Mainland CrossFit about 2 years ago for the 6 week work out challenge. Just in 6 weeks I noticed a huge difference in strength, energy, and motivation.

After the 6 weeks was over I decided to go venture out to another CrossFit gym. Yes this new gym cost less but I soon saw the difference in the quality of a work out I was getting. I was still new to CrossFit and needed coaching on the lifts. This gym was pack with members and not enough coaches. I then made the decision to go back to Mainland CrossFit.

Most gyms are about quantity and not quality. At Mainland CrossFit I got the coaching I needed as well as motivation and multiple texts to show back up. How many gyms will text you to ask where are you after missing two days? Trust me it’s been an uphill climb but doing something is better than doing nothing at all. This gym is a great community of people that encourage you to always do better. It’s a great vibe and love working out at Mainland CrossFit.