Member Spotlight: David Jones

David Jones

Congratulations to David Jones! He has been chosen as our CrossFit member of the month. David was part of our first group of New You Challengers. He became a regular member after the challenge, read more about his success story!


What brought me in?
Honestly, I had just started to go through my divorce and i had started working out because i would be damned if i was fat and miserable going into my new found bachelorhood, lol ok back to the question working out on my own just wasn’t enough, I needed to be pushed and honestly I didnt really know what crossfit was but saw an add on Facebook for a 6 week challenge and rolled the dice.


Tough Mudder 2017

What makes me stay?
The coaches defiantly play a huge role in why I stay with them but also the members, everybody helps push each other to better themselves and the relationship I’ve built are irreplaceable.

David Jones


How long have I been doing Crossfit?
I started with the 6 week challenge in April of 2017, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count as crossfit, so more like May of 2017 I started with the guy’s in the 6:00 pm class and Coach P.

So my goals and have they been met ?
Well… my goals huh, I don’t think my goals will ever be met, meaning when i started this crusade I set out to become the best version of myself physically and as life has taught me Nobodies prefect and everybodies got room for improvement, to be bigger, faster,stronger! How far your willing to take that just depends on how hungry you really are so all i can tell you is I’m just gonna keep eating.

David Jones

My Best Lifts?
It’s a toss up because if dead is anywhere in the name of the lift then I’m gonna lift the house or give it hell trying, Lol and Bench Press

Any Benifits noticed or changes to brag about?
Of course, since I started the challenge back in April I have been consistent and put in work but i am on a mission, Last February I was weighing in at around 275 pounds and today im tipping the scales at a whopping 207 pounds , I have dropped body fat and put on a good amount of muscle mass and definitions.

David Jones


What Do I Do For Work?
Im a Mechanical Supervisor, I run jobs and push jobs in the plants.

Favorite WOD?
I would have to say The Murph, that thing is insane but the pump you get is even crazier!!

Biggest Crossfit Accomplishment?
My biggest Accomplishment … Well honestly i would have to say showing up and putting in the Work, giving 110% everytime we walk through those doors to dominate and destroy the workouts and WOD’s.