Member Spotlight: Gabe Rodriguez

Congratulations to Gabe!  He has been chosen as our CrossFit member of the month. Gabe was part of our first group of New You Challengers. He became a regular member after the challenge, read more about his journey.


What brought you to Mainland CrossFit?
There was this ad about Iron Keel having a six week New You program so I said heck, let me try this and check it out. After those six weeks I got a membership for the gym.

What made you stay?
The community, workouts, coaches, other members, and the list can go on.

How long have you been with Mainland CrossFit?
I’ve been with Mainland for about 10 months now, but wow, it feels way longer than that.

What are some your goals? Have they been met?
When I first started Mainland I wanted to gain weight/muscle and feel better physically. These goals were totally met with significant results towards my fitness. I also learned multiple things about my body involving fitness and how stress/sleep can be involved.

Best lifts?
I wouldn’t necessarily call it a lift, but I’m proud on doing 20+ chin ups unbroken. But for a lift, I would have to go with #275 deadlift. Never thought I would be able to pull that much.

Benefits you have noticed? Any changes you would like to brag about?
I’ve gained 15 pounds in the last 10 months and can run a faster mile that what I could months ago. Plus I think I got taller by an inch haha.

What do you do out there in the real world?
In the real world I cook at a restaurant named Emmaline in the Montrose area. I enjoy cooking and eventually I’m going to open my own restaurant.

What’s your favorite workout?
Anything and everything would be counted as my favorite workout… except the sled. I hate that sled.


What is your biggest Mainland CrossFit accomplishment?
I think my biggest accomplishment would be participating in my first competition 3 months of becoming a member.It showed the capabilities i could do and motivated me to do better. Oh and a shoutout to Shazz and Jesus being my partners in that first comp.