Member Spotlight: James Temple

Congratulations to James Temple! Mainland CrossFit’s Member of the Month. Read more about his journey with us.

I originally came to Mainland Crossfit for 3 reasons. The first reason is I started to put on some weight. The second is I began to start fatiguing in the day more than I was used to so I knew I needed something to change. The third and ultimate reason I chose Mainland Crossfit over anywhere else was neighbor Charlie. He asked me to go with him to one of his workouts and I was immediately hooked.

I fell in love with the gym instantly. The gym itself is nothing more than a building. Its true value lays within those walls where I was greeted by a community of people just wanting to help you reach your goals. I can call everyone here a friend. We constantly try to help each other reach our goals, inside and outside the gym. The knowledge of the coaches really sets Mainland Crossfit apart from others. The lengths they will go to custimize a workout for the athlete is nothing short of incredible. No one in this gym gets left out.

I started my Journey with Mainland Crossfit in December of 2017. It was a rough start since my competitive nature wanted me to compete with the seasoned athletes of the gym. I pushed a little too hard, much to the coaches dismay as I am sure they thought I was dying on occasion.
During my time with Mainland Crossfit I have set several goals. The first goal was to drop my weight from 196lbs to 185lbs. I am now below 175lbs so I have been able to far exceed that goal and it feels great, both to meet a goal and also my energy through the day is great. My second goal is to be able to complete all of the movements to attempt the Opens workouts in the RX division. I am still working on it as there is much to learn but the progress has been mind-boggling for the amount of time I have had to work with and I credit the coaches with my rapid progress as it truly would not be possible without there vast knowledge.

My third goal was to prepare for a calendar photo shoot. Once a year the Galveston Fire Department and the Galveston Humane Society pair up to raise money and help animals find new loving homes. It took a lot of effort to prepare my body to be calendar ready. Of all the goals I have reached I am most proud of this one. The calendars will be released at the end of September and I can’t wait to see the final product.

My last goal is preparing for the Duality competition. I refuse to let my amazing partner Jenny down. Team Buff and Stuff for the win.

My best lifts are definitely sumo deadlift at 405lbs and my power cleans at 235lbs. My gymnastics movements are another area I seem to excel in. I am currently focused on my weaker lifts.
It’s hard to brag about myself when I know everything I have accomplished is a direct result of the advice and instruction of my coaches. I can do muscle ups which I now love doing. It’s awesome to be able to throw your body up like that. Also, I was recently measured for my body fat percentage and I am down to 5.9 percent and I was blown away.

I have been working for the Galveston Fire Department for the past 2 and a half years. I love my job but at some point, I started putting on weight and feeling lethargic. After being with Mainland Crossfit for so long I can honestly say I can better serve my community. Physical fitness is a huge part of my job so regaining my physical fitness and pushing it to new levels has helped me excel in my job.
Trying to pick a favorite workout is next to impossible. The main part of Crossfit is always doing something different. I find the Hero workouts such as Murph to be especially challenging but I love to do them in memory of the few who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. I would like to work on completing all of the Hero workouts but that will take a very long time. My least favorite workout is Karen. I don’t know who thought doing all of those wall balls was a good idea.

Out of everything I have accomplished in the gym, my greatest accomplishment is a new mentality. I refuse to settle and am constantly pushing myself to reach new heights. I would love to get to the point where I could challenge our coach Nick. He constantly has to push himself as he is on another level compared to us so I would love to make him get nervous with me on his heels.

If you are considering looking to join a gym then do yourself a favor and come to Mainland Crossfit. It truly has so much more to offer. Whether it be through the vast amounts of programming, the community this gym has or the coaching staff, its the best you are going to find. Its a huge part of my life now. Special shout out to the coaches. Danny thank you for creating a gym with such a great atmosphere. It truly is second to none. Cousin Eli, you truly care about every one of your athletes and you are there for all of us. Pam, you have been the rock in my development and you have created a truly better me. Also, your documentation is on point. Nick, you push me harder than anyone in the gym and have given me someone to look up to in the gym. You are full of the small tips that help me get that new PR. I will catch up to you eventually. Just keeping helping until I get there.
Thank you to everyone in the gym. Yall make it a home.