Member Spotlight: Jose Morales

Congratulations to Jose Morales! Mainland CrossFit’s Member of the Month. Read more about his journey with us.

What brought you to Mainland CrossFit? – My good friend Gabe once told me about how he was starting up a 6-week transformation program over at IKS. We had only once, prior to starting our CrossFit journey, thought about even doing it. Never did btw. So I decided to give it a go for myself after he finished the first round of The New You Challenge.

What made you stay? – Plenty things are to be taken into account when answering this question. First and foremost, the coaching staff. These people are by far the most influential, knowledgeable, highly encouraging individuals I’ve come across. There’s never a moment of silence when I ask a question regarding to any movement or even when I’ve come across an injury. They are miracle workers. There’s no excuse to ever stay away from the gym. These people know how to work around your capabilities. Second, the community. Though small, the fact that we all know each other’s names and what type of vibes we bring to our classes has never brought me so much joy. Lastly. Curls for the girl. Gainz. I wanted better glutes.

How long have you been with Mainland CrossFit? – 10 months. August will be a year.

What are some your goals? Have they been met? – Expand my skill set. (Lifting, gymnastics, strong man, conditioning, etc.) MOST DEFINITELY!


Best lifts? – Squat Snatch and Cleans!!! ALL DAY!


Benefits you have noticed? Any changes to brag about? – um… my boxers have a hard time going up past my QUADS.

What do you do out there in the real world? – I am an line cook for Pappas Delta Blues Smokehouse. YALL COME THROUGH. I’m there 5 days out of the week.

What’s your favorite workout? – Anything that has rope climbs, cleans, AAB, or an OH movement.

What is your biggest Mainland CrossFit accomplishment? – As a person? I’m a lot more of an optimistic human when I’m surrounded by people who enjoy doing the same things I do. People have a hard time believing I’m negative sometimes. As an athlete? Realizing that YOU are what holds yourself back. That this sport is certainly more mentally challenging rather than physically stressful. My head game has evolved over the months. Anything to add? – To the gym? Ski Ergs please. 😊 From myself? Thank you to everybody who’s apart of this small box. Each and every one of you has had a significant impact on me when I’ve been there!