18.2 is in the books and just like 18.1 it was a humbling experience not just for me but for my buddy Jeff Huddleston aka Red. This story begins Thursday night once Castro released the WOD which is listed to the left. Shortly after Jeff texted me with the confidence of […]

18.2 “Well I’m doing that AGAIN.”

Congratulations to Gabe!  He has been chosen as our CrossFit member of the month. Gabe was part of our first group of New You Challengers. He became a regular member after the challenge, read more about his journey.   What brought you to Mainland CrossFit? There was this ad about […]

Member Spotlight: Gabe Rodriguez

Mainland Crossfit Squad!! Cousin Eli has made his way to the Mainland Blog Site! So I will be covering the 2018 Open Season, but with a bit of a twist. 18.1 will be about my experience and the following weeks I will be reaching out to YOU guys and following […]

18.1 is in the Books!!