Services Offered

Mainland prides itself on having fitness options available for all points along your fitness journey. Services offered, range from the Novice all the way up to Competitive Athletes.

Our programming follows three focuses:

A. Fitness
B. Performance
C. Competition

For our members that are interested in competing we offer a unique program designed specifically for our team by our knowledgeable staff of coaches. If you are interested in participating with the Mainland/Tidal Wave Competition Team please contact us using the form below.

Do you feel like you are not ready for the Group Sessions yet?

Do you have specific goals that require specific programming? Then Personal Training may be for you!

What to Expect:
Goal Setting Session
Nutritional Guidance
An exercise program tailor made just for you
Ongoing Q & A with your trainer

Inquire about training sessions in the form below.

30 min Session: $45
1 hour Session: $65
30 min Session 10 Pack $405
1 hour Session Pack 10 Pack  $585

Buddy Sessions (Personal Training: 2 Person)
30 min 10 Session Pack $540 (split between the two)
1 hour 10 Session Pack $810 (split between the two)
*If one person only shows then the two visits are still counted !*

Need help with your nutrition? 

With Nutrition being the foundation of any fitness endeavor why would you leave it up to guesswork?

Book your nutrition session today with a certified professional.

Nutritional Counseling is a 30 day program that not only does the guesswork but also includes the tools necessary to be able to adjust it yourself in the future.

Package Includes:
30 minute Initial Consultation
30 day Meal Plan designed for your goals.
Weekly follow ups

Optional: In Body Body Composition Scan $40

All consultations are completed by Shaun McCrary at the CrossFit Tidal Wave location in Galveston, TX.