What’s The CrossFit Open?

Hello Everyone,

I’m back another year to welcome you to another exciting year of the CrossFit Open! You’ve heard the coaches talk about it, maybe heard members tell stories of years past, or what this “Castro” guy will do this year. Or maybe you haven’t heard anything and this is all completely new to you. Regardless, I am here to tell you what it’s all about, how to approach it, and maybe some pointers that I’ve learned through experience or other competitors. So lets dive right in!

The CrossFit Open is a 5 week competition that is world-wide, workouts are posted thursday night and you’re available to submit scores up until that following monday. Anyone 14 years and above is available to compete with last year having over 428,000 competitors! So what is the point of the open? The CrossFit Open is an Online qualifier for the CrossFit Games. And with new formats rolled out this year top male and female from each country with an affiliate will receive an invite to the 2019 CrossFit Games as well the Overall Top Male and Female. Okkkk… Now lets get to the other 98% of participants competing in the 2019 CrossFit Open!

If this is your 2nd or 3rd year in the Open (Me) then hopefully you have a grasp on what to expect, what you needed to improve on, and gained more strength and skill in the exercises that exposed you in the previous year! Finally, all the newcomers that are signed up for the 1st time or still doing the workouts and seem intimidated by the fact that it’s “The Open”.

RULE #1: DONT GET INTIMIDATED: Just like any other day a workout is a workout, a Judge counting your reps and holding you to a standard should be no different then what your coaches hold you to every day in your workouts every other day of the week. Stay out of your head and go hard until it’s over simple as that!

RULE #2: DONT BE A HERO: Each workout has an RX (as prescribed) level and a Scaled (regressed) version. The Open is notorious for creating new movements, changing standards of movements, and changing weights of certain movements. This is NOT the time to say “screw it, lets go RX!?” This is something I and thousands others learned in 17.1 with 50lb DB Snatches and Burpee Box Jump Overs aka the workout that broke everyones back!   You’re allowed to do the workout as many times as you’d like between Thursday night and Monday afternoon, try it scaled and if you think going RX is worth it, and your coach approves give it a go!


RULE #3: REMEMBER IT IS JUST EXERCISE: Obviously this is a competition, maybe your box is hosting an in-house competition, or maybe you have that box rival that you are always trying to beat (#beatjustin) when you come in. Regardless don’t lose sight of what your overall goal should be: To be fitter, healthier, and happier! The Open is a time to grow as an athlete, learn what you need to work on, and cheer on your fellow competitor! This will be my third Open, last year I didn’t finish: (http://mainlandcrossfit.com/18-4-wrecked-me/) and the previous year was a BIG LEARNING EXPERIENCE! Most of you train everyday, don’t treat it any differently and high five your buddy dying on the ground next to you! 


The weeks of the Open is a great time to test all your hardwork throughout the year, maybe workout with people from other classes, and maybe hit a PR! To recap, 19.1 should not be any scarier then the daily WOD you did the day before, there is NO shame in doing a workout “scaled”, and have fun! You’re exercising your body!


Written By: Eli Morin