Where do I start?

Where do I start in CrossFit?

Where do I start in CrossFit?

At Mainland CrossFit I get many phone calls and emails from people of all levels and backgrounds. After the initial conversation the question is always “How do I get started?”.

To make sure we serve each one of you to the best of our capabilities here is the breakdown of our many paths of fitness.

Step 1: 0- Barely any training.
We highly suggest our Get Fit Challenge that will cover all the fundamentals and theory needed to progress smoothly in the class setting without feeling like a fish out of water. The workouts are scaled to your ability levels but even the more seasoned fitness enthusiast will learn something in this class.
Click here for the Get Fit Challenge

Step 2: Personal Training
This is not mandatory but just another option available. Let’s say you don’t feel comfortable in the group setting just yet but would still like to do CrossFit. This is also an option for those that want to train specifically for something (Marathon, powerlifting,Off Season for football, etc).
Click here for Personal Training

Step 3: Consultation
Call 281 750 1738 or email (mainlandcrossfit@gmail.com) to schedule a short consultation with the coach. After the interview process we will decide if a trial class is an option based on your level of experience. Free Trials classes are available for experienced CrossFitters only as brand new members require 1 on 1 attention that can take away from the overall experience of a class. If you know how to perform the fundamental movements off CrossFit moderately well than this option is for you.